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Seamless Jacket

A garment should fit so well, you can hardly discern it from your body. But achieving that three-dimensionality is impossible if a garment is made with two-dimensional fabric panels. It’s time we think past cut-and-sew to the future of clothing – a perfect union of body and garment.

Better fit through 3D modeling.

Constructing the garment around a model in computer-aided design (CAD) means it’s an exact replica of the human shape, with articulation at the shoulder and elbow joints.

Smarter details through seamless construction.

We program every detail – from ventilation patterns to how and where the lapel folds – into a digitized model, hit print, and out comes the jacket as one ready-to-wear piece.

More sustainability through less waste.

The excesses of cut-and-sew construction (like piles of fabric scraps) are eliminated, thanks to 3D printing's hyper-precise, from-scratch development.

It’s an entirely new wearing experience

The goal? That you don’t even notice the jacket is on.

Articulated Joints

Programmed in to align with your 3-dimensional contours.

Seamless Ventilation

For fresh airflow at your body's hotspots.

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