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Mercury SVK

You pull on a sweater to warm up. What if you could keep it on without overheating?


Adapt to any environment.

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With every component working together to manage how your body responds to temperature swings.

Seamlessly Ventilated

We designed, prototyped, and tested until landing on just the right ventilation pattern: it opens as you move, allowing air to flow through the areas where you heat up the most.

Proactive Temperature Regulation

To balance Merino's warmth, we blended the wool with temperature-regulating Phase Change Material for steady comfort across climates.

Odor, Controlled

The sweater's interior is blended with S.Café, a fiber made with recycled coffee grounds to actually absorb odor at the source.

Go under under the hood:

4-Way Stretch

Our fabrics are constructed to stretch with the way your body moves while still retaining shape.

Seamless Variable Knitting

It enables us to switch patterns and fibers mid-weave, eliminating the need for seams.

Proactive Heat Management

Temperature-regulating Phase Change Materials ensure balanced comfort across climates.

Ultra Breathable

Boasts seamless ventilation panels where your body heats up the most.

Odor Absorbent

Interwoven S.Cafe material features coffee grounds, which absorb odor at the source.

Interior Comfort

The inside of the sweater is soft and smooth, almost like a t-shirt.


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