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Aviator II

Traditional suiting is stiff because it’s designed around a static form – not an actual person on the move. We wanted to develop a product that’s flexible enough for real life.


Freedom in flexible suiting

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Aviator 2 is built around movement.

Full body movement

Stiff suiting, be gone. Aviator boasts a warp-knit material that's exceptionally more lightweight and flexible than the traditional woven, with added 4-way stretch for the most extreme maneuverability possible.  

Tailored for a dynamic fit

The stretchy knit allowed us to trim down Aviator’s shape without sacrificing that full range of motion. (Comfort and shapelessness don’t have to be synonymous.)

Pack it and go

Warp knitting is inherently lightweight and wrinkle-resistant, making it ideal for travel – whether you choose to pack it in your overnight bag or wear it on a flight.

Take a peek under the hood:

4-Way Stretch

We integrated stretch fibers at the spots your body moves the most for completely unrestricted maneuverability.

Tailored Fit

Aviator is designed to fit the contours of the body, without cumbersome excess fabric.

Machine Washable

Just throw Aviator in the wash. (It’s one less thing to take to the dry cleaner.)

Moisture Wicking

Polyester fibers wick moisture away from your body.

A Clean Build

Exterior patch pockets are bonded to the jacket (as opposed to sewn), and interior seams are taped for reinforcement.

Premium Hardware

Aviator boasts CobraX closures – literally the best hardware in its class.

Versatility in Color

choose your hue

Grey and Navy Blue

Black, Grey, and Navy Blue


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