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3D Suit

The problem with suits is that they aren’t as comfortable as sweats. We’ve set out to change that.


A new dimension of comfort.

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Introducing a soft, foam-like material molded 3-dimensionally around the human form for gravity-defying comfort.

Unrestricted Movement

With a 3-dimensional shape that essentially hovers around the human form, movement is built into the jacket and pants so you can hop in and go.  

Lightweight Warmth

The 3D suit’s fabric – a soft, structured material that feels as light as air – provides an added touch of insulation for the colder months.

Go under the hood:

Soft & Structured

A thick, flexible fabric – almost foam-like to the touch – provides 3-dimensional shape and structure.

4-Way Stretch

Our fabrics are constructed to stretch with the way your body moves, while still retaining shape.

Tailored Fit

So you aren't obstructed as you move, the 3-dimensional shape is molded around the contours of the body.

Machine Washable

Just throw your 3D suit in the wash. (It’s one less thing to take to the dry cleaner.)

Moisture Wicking

The suit’s polyester fibers pull sweat away from your body.

Premium Hardware

The 3D Suit pants boast CobraX closures – literally the best hardware in their class.


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